Free Short Shorts!

I have a habit of writing short flash fiction for attempted publication in various anthologies. Unfortunately, I have a growing catalog of the “ones that didn’t make it.”

They were mostly written for specific submissions, but I don’t want them to languish unread. So for your potential enjoyment I am sharing them below. Let me know what you think! Feedback is not only welcome, it’s required.

<50 Words

“It goes by so quickly.” My wife said, holding my hand. And the first thing that came to mind was football season. Then her hands, the same color as the hospital sheets, fell limp upon the bed.

13-word Horror

Cut. Snip. Suction. The surgery was going well. Until the anesthesia wore off.

Flash Noir

“The Visit”

She visited me in prison.
“I’m locked up because they think I killed you.” I said.
Her only response was to put a cigarette to her lips.
“When I’m finally out I can do it for real.”
Her gaze shifted to me. “You wouldn’t. You love me too much.”
She walked away and I knew she was right.



Peater was a lonely leprechaun sitting by himself at the end of a rainbow.  Thinking he might find another leprechaun, Peater set out traveling to the other end.  It was a long journey through a strange human world.  He made many friends, and before completing his trip, had already found what he was looking for.

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