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Things aren’t right on Beth’s farm to begin with, but they just get worse when all the animals start behaving strangely.

“God damn super-rabies!” Beth said. “Burn them all!”

Robotic bees are being developed to save the environment, but the first test is far from successful.

The entire room was silent except for the loud, aggressive buzzing.

Originally published in The Arcanist, July 2018

100 word horror fiction.

The eternal love we pledged at the altar was a vow I had fully meant to keep. But now, I am finding it very difficult.

Originally published in Acidic Fiction, November 2014

A short tale about that moment you realize someone has changed. Based on a true story.

It’s for snakes. So you can stab them in the head to protect yourself.

The story of brotherly competitiveness in the face of a hurricane.

I read it on the interwebs. Hurricane Austin was the first named hurricane. It’s also the biggest and coolest, so they named it after me.

A 100-word story about the coming vampire apocalypse.

I have dozens of crosses. Tons of garlic. Giant halogen lamps. Wooden stakes. The vampires have no chance.

This is the story of my first marathon and the inspiration I got from an unlikely source.

I moved to the side of the road and plodded along. I needed a second wind, but it wasn’t coming.

Originally published in Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales #2, October 2008


  • “The Howard Family Tradition”, Weirdbook #32, May 2016

A son finds that a fun family tradition originated from a terrifying event.

Their eyes almost completely black, pupils the size of nickels, were aimed straight at me.

A young girl obsessed with spiders makes a life-changing journey.

She would abandon her clothes a few yards in and walk nude through the trees, letting her friends gather on her body as she went.

A father sets out to make the perfect pool in his backyard, which results in unexpected changes in his son.

If Jesus had a pool in his backyard that he walked around on, then this would have been it.

A young girl concocts an elaborate fairytale in order to take revenge on her parents.

Sarah was a sad little girl with a sad little life.  Of course, it was not little to her.  For an eight-year-old girl life is as big as it gets, and life’s little problems have the potential to be just as big.

A man buys a robotic maid to help his wife around the house and to give them both time to fix their sex-life. It doesn’t go as planned.

When we were younger, first married, our sheets were covered in sperm and juice, not crisp at all.  Now starch and drool is all there is.


A travel report turns dark real fast.

“This involves a wonderful display of native dancing, singing, knife sharpening, and traditional Gunyara prayers for thanks. Trust me, you will be the center of attention!”

A simple coin toss has an unexpected outcome.

“It’s funny how I could have almost no memory of such an important event in my life.”

A professor stumbles upon some lost letters that may reveal the real fate of the famous author.

“No, this isn’t monstrous.” He looked into her eyes. “This is beautiful.”

The story of what happens during the last 60 seconds of a spaceships self-destruct countdown.

I’m not too proud to say that the prospect of dying alone isn’t very appealing. 

A strange new drug causes unique problems for a heavy user.

My temple is a soggy mess. Bruised, purple and leaking like a busted eggplant.

A man makes a desperate attempt to get away from a crowded and diseased future-Earth.

They lived on the streets, faces scarred into obscurity from exposure, lips and eyes gone, mouths permanently open, always wanting.

A phone psychic starts getting calls from former clients.

Someone just spent ten bucks to call me a fucking hoe bag.

A woman and man cross paths in the wrong part of the city.

Quietly, she disappeared into womb-like decadence.

What if a super-villain had to practice his big speech before asking for his ransom?

Remember the Dr. Squid fiasco of 1979?

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