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I have always loved film, and one day many years ago I got it into my head that could make them myself. They are of different genres, styles and levels of quality, but I am proud of them all.

  • True Facts About Bats – 2023, A man deals with a bat in the house.
  • Pickled – 2023, The story of a lost cat that leads to murder!
  • Liminal Mario – 2022, Mario is stuck in a world he cannot escape from.
  • Found – 2017, Found photographs inspire flash fiction.
  • The Tree – 2011, A poor couple can’t afford a Christmas tree.
  • Time Travel – 2010, A young man experiences time travel.
  • Love Stinks – 2010, A young man attempts to propose to his girlfriend.
  • Father and Son – 2007, A son searches for the father he never knew.
  • Reflection – 2006, A pretentious art film about love and loss. Mostly loss
  • The Vig and the Juice – 2006, Three friends need money fast to pay a debt, and their scheme might just be crazy enough to work.
  • Pixel Poppers – 2004, An experimental film that is a commentary on television and experimental film itself. It’s very meta and very full of itself.
  • On a Field of Black and White – 2004, An epic chess game of good vs. evil
  • Even in Death – 2004, A young man gets more than he bargained for when buying a house.
  • She’s Coming – 2003, The girl of his dreams is arriving in only an hour. Can he get himself and his apartment in shape for her arrival?
  • What You Wish For – 1999, This is a film for the curious people who want to see us running around in the woods when we were teenagers.


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