She’s Coming

My first real film! I wanted to makeĀ  a movie, but I knew my limitations at the time. So I wrote this story about a guy who wants to get ready for a date and things keep going wrong. It was a fun movie and gave me an array of different shots and film-making techniques to try out.

The shoot was a mess the first day. It took us hours to get the simplest shots done and then when I got the footage home to review it, I found that due to a camera issue none of it was useable.

I almost gave up and called my friends to cancel the rest of the shoot. But I decided to stick it out and the filming got much easier as time went on. After a few days we were done and then a few months later the film was ready. Today, I look back on it with much fondness.

Written and Directed by Patrick O’Leary
Starring Dorian Phillips

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