A Creepy Story on a Creepy Podcast

Some time ago, my good friend, Such Sights to See co-host Erik, altered some classic horror paperback covers for an RPG we were playing.

As usual, his creativity inspired my creativity and I wrote a story based on his made-up title.

Cut to a few months later, and Skulldaddy is featured on the Creepy podcast. You’ll have to be a member of their Patreon to listen, but I encourage you to join and check out my story and the other creepy horror fiction.

Skulldaddy is narrated by Michelle Kane, and was featured as their 12/7/2022 selection.

New Translation in Nightland Quarterly

This is a fun post for me, but probably not that useful for most of my readers.

My 2016 story The Howard Family Tradition has been translated in Japanese! You can find it in Night Land Quarterly vol. 23 (Kwaidan: Visions of the supernatural), just published in Japan by Atelier Third.

The Howard Family Tradition first appeared in Weirdbook #32 and was chosen as an honorable mention for Best Horror of the Year by Ellen Datlow.

This new edition was translated by Yasuko Kaji. So now you have two languages to choose from if you haven’t read it already!