“Rainbow” – Flash Fiction

Below is a story I wrote for a website that only accepted fiction that had exactly 55 words. It was rejected.


Peater was a lonely leprechaun sitting by himself at the end of a rainbow. Thinking he might find another leprechaun, Peater set out travelling to the other end. It was a long journey through a strange human world. He made many friends, and before completing his trip, had already found what he was looking for.

2 thoughts on ““Rainbow” – Flash Fiction”

  1. That was an interesting little story. I wonder what the point of writing a 55 word story is? I was actually wondering if you had written other stories like this for the “contest” and scrapped them? If so, why did you decide on this story?

    Good Stuff, keep’em coming,


  2. I found that writing a 55 word story is really just an exercise in finding new ways to say things. When you want to express an idea in a story, you can write whatever you want. Writing with a word limit forces you to think of different (shroter) ways to say that same thing with less.

    This was the only one I had written to submit to this publication. I chose the leprechaun idea because I was toying with writing a full short-story about it but was never interested in doing it. 55 words, though. that I could do.

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