So today I got through almost 2,000 words, which puts me right where I wanted to be.

Is it quality, though? I think not. This is definitely not a good way for me to write. I can feel it as I go. I need to write better and I can’t with the pressure to produce.

Some of it is good (for me at least), but if I was going to edit now I would cut out a bunch and rewrite a lot. The way I work, I need to get it more right the first time and I can’t at this speed. Still, I will stick with it because I want to get to 30 days and solidify this habit.

I am worried a bit that the story will finish before I hit 50k. If I stick to the outline (which I usually do), the story just might not have the legs to go all the way. It feels more like 40k. I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow!

Also, I am still without a title. I’ll have one soon I’m sure.

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