I write fiction, make films, and create games.

My fiction can be described as dark tales tinged with humor, or humorous tales tinged with darkness.

My films are experiments. Made from ephemera, made to amuse, or made as exploration.

My games occupy a fringe area of the fringe world of story games.

I talk about movies on a podcast.

I am nothing more than a long monkey.

The Howard Family Tradition chosen as Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year 2016.

TANGENT reviews Weirdbook #32

Estate chosen as finalist in the 2016 200 Word RPG Challenge.

COGNITIVE DISSIDENT quotes A Lesson in Running

LitReactor Community Spotlight: Solarcide

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  1. Hi Pat,
    It’s Ben, how have you been. When you have a chance can you email me or call. I wanted to run some ideas past you. Thanks!!

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