13 – Suave Suave Suave

Fun stuff this week! I talk about the extremely divisive Jerry Lewis, the extremely divisive Synder Cut, and the extremely divisive… Charlie Chaplin??

12 – #ThePesciLeap

In this episode my special guest and I discuss Wes Anderson, two movies about butts, and deranged comedies. And if you listen you will also learn about The Pesci Leap, Mandersons, and Avogadro’s number!

10 – Patrick and Jonah’s Excellent Adventure

the episode where we talk about a beautiful animated feature, a strange mermaid musical, and loads of time travel films. Listen to the end for some uncommon film recommendations and then go back to the beginning of

9 – An Inappropriate Romance

My tastes run the gamut from Gene Kelly to Fred Astaire! With a sprinkle of Jackie Chan, serial killers, and female assassins.