Looking for Photographers/Artists for Free Fiction Fridays!

I am going to start participating in “Free fiction Friday”. It’s a thing where authors post a free story online for everyone to enjoy. I have many stories that I think would be good for that forum, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting with this.

Are any of you photographers or artists who just want to get your work out there? You don’t even have to call yourself a “Photographer” or “arist”. All you really need to be is a person who enjoys taking pictures or drawing things.

I was going to include a relevent image with each Free Friday Friday post. Nothin fancy! Just something relevant to the story in some way. Something fun to get other people involved. Everyone who contributes will get their image credited to them with a link to their website (if applicable).

If you are interesting just let me know. I’ll send you the next few stories I plan on posting and maybe one of them will spark your imagination and you can send me an image that fits.

I’m not looking for award winning images. I just think this is something fun we can do together and help spruce up the internet in the process.