The Blood Tomes, Volume 2: Creatures

The Blood Tomes, Volume 2: Creatures is officially for sale! Check it out on Amazon.

Creatures. In the horror genre, the word conjures primal instincts of fear and flight, of tingles down your spine and creeping terror across your brain. From towering giants to crawling atrocities, we present to you twenty stories from the minds of award-winning and experienced authors and newcomers to the genre from across the globe. We are proud to feature these fine ladies and gentlemen and their talents between these pages.

Eric J. Guignard
Jason McCuiston
Danielle Davis
Jamie Mason
Dan Fields
Kenneth Bykerk
Joseph S. Walker
Gregory L. Norris
Mark Silcox
Nicola Lombardi
Melissa Watkins Starr
D.C. Phillips
Isabella Hunter
P. R. O’Leary
Lawrence Dagstine
Jennifer Loring
T.J. Tranchell
A.M. Harte
Oreoluwa Arowobusoye
Matthew Lyons

May the creatures in this anthology awaken your primitive senses and make you think twice before reaching for that light to turn it off and plunge you into darkness.

Dead Meat in Blood Tomes Volume 2: Creatures

Tell-Tale Press is soon releasing volume two of their short story collection series. Blood Tomes: Creatures contains Dead Meat, my story about a farm that becomes overrun by crazed animals.

Pre-orders start May 17th, and the books will be released on May 23rd. Check them out!

And if you happen to be in the Phoenix area on May 23rd-26th, visit the Phoenix Fan Fusion convention where Tell-Tale Press will have a table full of fun stuff. (Also, say Hi to Jeff Goldblum and tell him The Fly is amazing.)

Pollen in Future Visions: Volume 3

My story, Pollen, has been published in the new anthology, Future Visions: Volume 3.

A dying ecology. An agricultural system on the brink of collapse. Science has a solution: robotic bees. Tiny flying drones capable of crop pollination. A lot is riding on this first test. But for Abby and her fellow roboticists, the results may be more than they bargained for.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

New Fiction in Crimson Streets: “The Facts in the Case of Edgar Allan Poe”

Check out Crimson Streets for a new story of mine called The Facts in the Case of Edgar Allan Poe.

What if there were some lost documents out there that pointed to the sinister way Edgar Allan Poe really died? I actually did some research for this story, and maybe I really found documents like that. Maybe this is my way of letting the world know the truth. Or maybe not.

This story is accompanied by some great art work from John Waltrip. Check out the gothic horror vibe! It fits the piece well.