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A new story of mine was published on Acidic Fiction today.


I wrote the first version of this piece over ten years ago. It never worked, but I always like the general idea. So a year or three ago, having learned a lot in the intervening time,  I rewrote it completely.

Let me know what you think! You can find it here. It has a space ship!

I’m feeling grumpy while writing this post. I haven’t read a good book in awhile. And to top it off, these were some books that I had been really excited to get into. Unfortunately, each experience turned out to be anti-climactic.

Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold was the best of the bunch. It’s a simple setup that provides plenty of opportunity for Abercrombie to do what he does best: create cool characters and setup great action scenes. And to be honest, I had a huge amount of fun reading those for a the first 500 pages or so. But the story gets too big, too expansive, and goes on way too long. Afterwards, the last 400 pages left a sour taste in my mouth.

Burnt Tongues is a short story anthology comprised of stories chosen by Chuck Palahniuk from the LitReactor writer’s workshop. I was a member of that workshop for a short time, but felt like I wasn’t getting enough out of it.

Back in the day, Chuck Palahniuk published these essays where he gave his tips for writing well. You can find them here. They are excellent essays, and really useful. But I found that following them religiously made everyone sound like Chuck Palahniuk. And I saw that happening to too many people on LitReactor.

And now this anthology comes around and I still feel the same way. The stories felt like it could have been written by the same person. There is great writing in some of these, but I could see the rules being used instead of just feeling and enjoying the story.

There were some other disappointments I read after that, most of which revolve around Patrick Rothfuss. I picked up and read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland on a Ship of her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente due to his review here. Great review, really built up the book. The book was pleasant, but I found it a surreal for surreal’s sake, sweet but forgettable fairy tale.

I also was privy to read a rare copy of his not-for-children picture book, The Thing Under the Bed. The art for that was the only thing that saved a poor, thin story. Again, nothing special.

And that was all in the lead up to his release of The Slow Regard of Silent Things. This one’s tells the story of Auri from the Name of the Wind series. Those books are EXCELLENT. Loved them. And I loved the character of Auri. But I could not get into this latest book. Auri’s point of view, and the events that transpire during the book, were honestly more annoying than engaging. Rothfuss is a good writer, but his style here doesn’t help the material.

I had written a lot more about this book, but I just deleted it. I don’t want to be negative. I am a huge admirer of Rothfuss, and I really look forward to more of his work. This book just wasn’t for me.

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