New Fiction in Flash Me! The Sinthology


Presenting–the latest anthology project from Solarcide. A flash fiction adventure of sinful and decadent design. Flash Me! was about having a place to open your literary raincoat and show the world what you got. It rears its head again now in a new form. This anthology is a collision of decadence and shorter word-count fiction. Joining us on this project is the man who first birthed Flash Me! and the minister of exposing one’s self in word form. That would be Mr Chester Pane. The Sinthology features flash/micro fiction from twenty six different authors, wicked ones to the last.

I’m happy to be included as one of the 26 authors. I have read the whole book and I’m glad my story was chosen to be amongst such wicked good company.

My story, Warnings, breaks one of my main rules of writing. But that’s because it is based off of something that someone actually said to me. It was too weird not to write down and share.

Buy it here, read, share and let me know your thoughts!

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