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NaNoWriMo 2009 is finally finished for me.  My novel, a shade over 50k, is complete. It will never see the light of day so don’t ask.

I did learn a few things participating this year. I can write 50,000+ words in a month. I can finish a novel. I do not work well writing at that pace. I can tailor a story to end whenever I need it to. NaNoWriMo is not for me.

It was a fun/aggravating experience. I’m glad I finished but I will not be participating next year. I want to work on quality over quantity.

Let me propose this NaNoWriMo alternative. In one month, write, edit, rewrite and edit a short story of any length until it is as good as you can get it and then submit it somewhere for publication. I think that will be better for your writing career than what I just did.

I just completed reading the 14 books that comprise Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, and I just felt like I read 1,000 of the greatest books every written. Forgive the hyperbole, but Sandman is so rich and so deep and complete that I can think of no other way to describe it.

Neil Gaiman has created a work of mythology that effortlessly creates new ideas and intertwines with our existing world, its histories, beliefs, literature and art. The original ten books are easily the best comics I have ever read and the four additional volumes are a great way to revisit characters and close some old plot threads.

I can’t recommend this enough to anyone interested in art and literature.

The halfway point based on time passed on Monday. I just passed the halfway point based on word-count yesterday.  That means I am slightly behind, but still going strong. Unfortunately, the halfway point in my novel passed many days ago. I’m just not sure if it will have the legs to get to 50,000 words.

But that is not the important issue. The important issue is the quality of my work. Which I am sad to say, has wavered back and forth from sub-par to very-sub par. Although I am going to finish this NaNoWriMo, I think it is made for a different type of writer.

I won’t specify what type of writer that is because I don’t want to stereotype. I’ll just say it is not for me. If I finish this book, the editing time would be enormous to get it to where I want it to be. If I had written it at my own pace, editing as I go like I usually do, it may have taken up to six months to finish but I would not have to rewrite the whole thing. Just the normal revisions and changes. As it stands I would have to rewrite a large percentage of this version if I wanted to do something with it.

But again, I wasn’t doing it for great writing. I was doing it to get into the habit of writing. Is that working? I don’t know. I am writing pretty much every day, and after this is done I will probably keep that up, but at a slower more relaxed pace. To be honest, I would have done that anyway if it wasn’t for Nanowrimo.

More to come as I get closer to finishing!

I read this as an eBook on my lunch breaks at work. When I was in High School I was obsessed with Stephen King. Over one summer, I read his entire catalog. I have since changed tastes and haven’t read a new book of his until this one.

What strikes me about Stephen King is how readable he is. He will never reach the height of style and substance the great authors have, but he is a good storyteller and writes books that are quick to read but offer you much more than a Dan Brown or James Patterson book.

Blaze is no where near as good as my favorite books, but it was enjoyable and I found myself forgetting I was at work while reading it.


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From time to time I will post interesting vocabulary words that I find in day to day life.

I was trying to find some vegan chinese food to eat out the other day and I stumbled upon this quote from a restaurant’s menu:

“Salubrious Chinese and Japanese Cuisine”

That’s a big word for a chinese food menu. Awesome!

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