2009 National Novel Writing Month

I have decided this year, now that I am able and willing to comfortably fall into a writing schedule, to participate in NaNoWriMo. Starting November 1st, I will begin a novel. The goal is to finish it, with at least 50,000 words, by the end of the month.

I think this is a poor way to write a novel but a great way to get motivated and into the habit of writing every day. To this end, I will be working on one of my older ideas that I always wanted to write but never thought was good enough.

If it doesn’t work out, I will not consider this a waste of time, because I plan on making a habit of writing every day. Who knows? Maybe through the act of creation my novel will grow in depth and meaning as I write it.

It is untitled at the moment, but I will divulge details as I start chugging along. Once the event starts you will hopefully be able to view my word count and progress below the graphic on the right.

If anyone is interested in participating with me, feel free to let me know. We can have a race.

Math Haikus

I think Haiku’s are very mathematical in nature, so I wrote a few about math. Just for fun. (Yes, I think math is fun.)

Oh, Isosceles
Two sides the same and one not
Where did you go wrong?

Is 2(x+1)
The same as 2x+2?
We can only hope

Your lover can lie
or cheat, or just break your heart
but math never does

I calculate the
area under her curves
while she’s still asleep

Hello Internets!

In an effort to spread my films and writing around the internet (like a disease), I have created this site which will have news and examples of my work.

I will continue to post film reviews on ReelFriction.com and strange objects on ThreeFarmers.com, but if you want to know what is going on with my writing, film-making, or anything else artistic then this is the place to go.

Thank you!